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With each fleeting moment, memories are forgotten and memories are retained. Sometimes they may briefly resurface at the trigger of a familiar fragrance, sound or setting, only to silently disappear into a sea of lost sensations and experiences. In this cycle of perpetual and continuous change, we often live in a constant state of amnesia. Easily forgetful of the cherished moments that shape who we are, the past is a mystery in the illusion of time.
Dedicated to the art of preservation, Memorieslab is an experimental boutique print studio that believes a perfect memory can only be preserved through print. From our perspective, all memories exist as a product of creation. These fragile assets of our existence are not only the outcome of a static event or an experience, rather, they are created through a conscious cycle of awareness, documentation and most importantly - preservation.
As print makers, we are often fascinated by the beauty and romance of traditional and alternative photographic development techniques. Beyond the technical aspects and the unique physical characteristics of each process, we believe that there is an intangible beauty in the art of developing prints. Analogous to the chaotic nature of recollecting memories, in a space not confined by time, chemicals are mixed and realities are formed.
As we experiment further on with these processes, please enjoy the products offered in our Collection as a sneak peak to what’s to come. Behind each product is a blank page awaiting to be visually written with your most precious moments. Welcome to Memorieslab.