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A tumultuous storm appears in the horizon, swirling in beautiful tonal chaos. Melancholic and dark in nature, its emotional rumblings resonate deep within the inclusive frame of a single photograph. The subject lies in steady sentiment amidst the emotive tempest; still, but affective in profound movement, both the environment and the subject collide in a moment of introspective surrealism. Each moody image exists as an exposed window into the intense mind of Oveck as it stares deeply into the soul of the viewer, revealing the naked truth in obscure tones, fleeting motion blur and firm emotional despair.
Oveck explains his photography, "my work changes from time to time but I can say its somewhat surreal or abstract and a little dark at times, but I always try to bring melancholy to my pictures - which is important to me.I love shadows and high contrast but only on certain images because each image is different and not all need the same treatment. I always try to use natural light; that for me is very important.”
Melancholic scenes protrude through as the camera captures stunning natural light in intense composition, imprisoning a hypnogogic scene in eerie frame. With pronounced spontaneity as his visual guide, Oveck perceives the unseen, darker side of human existence, usually set behind grand backdrops of fantastic natural environments - an ode to Ansel Adams in nodding affection.A glance at his work and one could imagine the visual imagination of the New York-based visual artist/songwriter, “...a photograph must capture the emotion, the sentiment of the moment and then being creative by using your surroundings, available light and your post-editing.”
Usually cloaked in black shades and rimmed hat, his acute focus inspects for a slice of genuine significance between clashing elements of light, subject, mood, photographer, scale and lens. As his open mind channels into the hidden crevices of a present second, his artistic hand reaches into the depths of his untapped creativity, clenching for his next exposure, grasping a moment drenched in thoughtful surrealism, dripping elongated strands of provocative human despair. What he withdraws from his process, held within his grasp is a scene - a timeless photograph of a moment that only exists in the unreal, tempestuous, visionary mind of Oveck.