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Sylvio Sandino
What is a moment? It cannot be touched or changed, yet it has the powerful ability to touch and change us in every way. A moment captured in a photograph can dilate our pupils, make us feel hot or cold, give us ultimate joy, or even bring us to grieving tears. We cherish these moments made of vapour because we want to remember; all the elements that together give us the feeling we once loathed or continually long for. Atoms of a single frame of a photo is an accumulation of differing elements that comprise the photo as an entire whole – the whole that gives us the emotion of the still. But how does this precise slice of time become an entire picture of emotional value? It is never a single item or subject that affects us. It is the entire image which encompasses all its contents, sub contents, subtle nuances, missed and noticed details, etc. It all affects our senses and how we remember a photograph.
Just as time exists as an astronomical collaboration of years, hours, minutes, and seconds, so does a moment - a space shared by subjects, objects, emotions, movement and light. We all share this space that exists as a past present - a single lapse in memory. These lives which exist in a stream of dwindling, dissolving river; all exist within a single fragment of second and each pathway of memory all real to their respective protagonists. Penetrating into the emotional depth of the soul, the present feels to the player of life as a reproduced truth, equal to how tangible the moment can be.
It all exists separately in climactic conglomeration, a symphony playing the sounds of its different instruments to the same vibrating tune. Every moment is real; every moment exists in the plane of frame. The footsteps of the present leave marks which do not disappear but rather become replaced which the steps of another. Upon these ghostly steps we tread our tired and unexplored paths of the future. These faded steps tread throughout the wheel of time and so it spins until we reach our end of the race. These are the moments - they are the elements of a life folded unto itself. This engraved present will never exist as it does in the photograph; it will never alter in circumstance or reality. It exist only as it can - as captured by the click of an entrapping shutter.