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Fragrance is a signature
It signs every ephemeral moment
with an unmarked path
we always remember
Memories are fickle. Never content with stable permanence, they ebb and flow like an unending tide, shifting in and out of focus at the whim of an ever changing mind.
As purveyors of traditional and alternative photographic development, we commit ourselves in the process of memorialization. But what of the memories not sacralized in formal print? Are they lost in the ether? Hints must remain to revitalize our aging awareness. Aural and olfactory cues to breathe new life and return expired thoughts to the forefront of our minds.
But memory is unpredictable. It does not often reemerge on command. Stimulating too many senses can cause confusion. So it’s better to black some out and focus on those more likely to elicit a response.
To leave imprinted memories of our BlackOut experience, we added an olfactive dimension to the visual one by developing a unique signature scent. As the first online darkroom, we usually mix chemicals to aid visual storytellers preserve their treasured moments in print, analogous to these technical and chaotic aspects, we’ve mixed chemicals to evoke a recollection; a soft trigger to wrest your fondest thoughts from the nethermost regions of your soul. We seek not merely photography development, but memory development.
You can’t treasure today if you don’t remember to remember.