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Conceptualised as a tribute to these countless, beautiful yet ephemeral instants we all wish to treasure and share for a lifetime, our brand film is a pure manifestation of Black & White. At Memorieslab, we believe that Black & White has the fascinating power to immortalize life's moments for an eternity. Hence, wide breathtaking landscapes shot in Iceland alternating with close-ups of human emotions take the audience into a powerful monochrome universe.
To be fully appreciated, the film should be seen at least twice. First, to be captivated by the visual spectacle. And subsequently, to interpret the meaning behind each sequence. Indeed, we intended to bring to life a visual poem full of symbolism: a DeLorean denotes humanity’s rush towards the future; the motorcyclist racing on a desert beach illustrates the fleeting trace we all leave on Earth; two old lovers represent true love, which takes a lifetime to achieve but can equally be condensed into one single instant. These feelings are linked altogether by an irreversible explosion, edited in rewind as a metaphor of our sealed fate. At its finale, the movie subtly reminds us that all the fascinating imagery happening to us can be captured by a single gesture: the camera's click, which has the power to transform the ephemeral into the eternal. Signed "Treasure Today", we envisioned the film as an invitation to capture special moments through inspiring pictures and crystallizing the moment.
The brand film represents the first milestone of a much bigger campaign encapsulated under the Memorieslab mantra : Treasure Today. In the coming weeks, we will continue to immerse our audience in an ode to monochrome, through an unparalleled environment of new products, content and experiences. Exclusive shots from Iceland are now showcased and available for purchase on our gallery.